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IMG_0312 (640x534)My new favorite DoeDid you ever have one of those Does or one of anything that was your very favorite and something inside just told you to “Let it Go”! This was my favorite Doe and I am so happy I did let her go. I think she is destined for something really great. I was not planning on selling her for show but keeping her for my herd breeding. However when an excellent show person asks to show your animals you do not say no if possible. In return a Doe that I was not expecting to be expecting had a beautiful baby in the same time frame. She has perfect udder placement and attachment with no false udders. She is muscular and will also make a perfect replacement doe! See, it all works out!

  1. Dee Miller10-26-2014

    We are hoping for great things from this beautiful doe you so generously sold to our daughter. Looking forward to the PA Farm Show this year! Hoping Shayla and this doe make you proud!

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