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What’s New at K and K Livestock in South Fork Pa

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Our first Buck from AI

Our first Buck from AI

Daddy to new kids

Smokin Gunz Daddy to new Kids

One of our Doe's from Smokin Gunz

One of our Doe’s from Smokin Gunz








This Year we tried a new venture at K and K Livestock. We wanted to add some diversity into our herd and decided to go where few have gone before as far as breeding goats goes. Along with the assistance and guidance of our Veterinarian, Dr. Brady Hamady. we began the process of artificial insemination. The end product was a set of beautiful quadruplets. Unfortunately one of them did not make it through the first day but we do have 2 beautiful  does and 1  awesome buckling to add to our herd. It was very exciting and we all learned so much from this endeavor. They are all traditional Boer and we are very happy with them. We thank Dr. Hamady for his help and look forward to using what we learned to go forward. Stay tuned for updates on our new kids as well as all of other kids we have to offer for sale.


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