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The Silence of the Goats

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Can I get fries with that

Can I get fries with that

You have heard of the “The Silence of the Lambs”?  I experience the Silence of the Goats! This is how it works. If you have every been the provider of any group of hungry creatures, be it cows, dogs, pigs, turkeys, chickens or goats or a bunch of hungry children, the demanding screams can be deafening. Walking into the barn in the morning one would think these goats have not been fed for days although they had their last meal just hours ago. With all of the mayhem going on I still must keep my wits about me and take my time in the procedure. In the winter months I do not leave water in front of them all the time. This is for two reasons.

1. Because many of the does are bred and there is always the danger of them delivering a newborn into a water bucket!

2. Because the water may freeze in the bucket and it is not much use to them.

This method takes a little more time but is better for them in the long run. They seem to drink more when offered and if it is cold enough weather they also get warm water at that time and they do enjoy that.

After everyone is watered they settle..for about 5 minutes then the volume starts to rise again! I measure food, vitamins and any other supplements depending on the individuals, then distribute the feed, hearing the volume go down pen by pen. Silence! For maybe 10 minutes this time. Then the big finish. The hay. We use hay racks to minimize waste of this precious commodity. When the hay is put in and the whole barn is quiet except for the sound of munching, it is like putting a newborn baby down for that sleep! I slip out of the barn until it is time to return once again for the entire process!!!



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