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Boer Goat Busy!!!!

I was here first!!

Hard working Mom

Wow! Boer Goat Busy is the busiest! In January we had 18 kids and boy am I tired! These goat kids were sold before we had a chance to advertise and that is a good thing.

In June we had 17 more and they are in demand. A few are reserved for Farm Show babies and some are reserved for Bucks. Please contact us if you are interested as they are going fast!

I will be be busy hitting the County Fair Show circuit this summer. I am always happy to see the 4H members having fun with these guys. So many keep in touch and

letting me know their progress and I especially love that part of it. There will be many Goat Shows at the county fairs in Pennsylvania and I always learn something from each one. Hope to see you at the Fair!







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