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Boer Goat Busy!!!!

Wow! Boer Goat Busy is the busiest! In January we had 18 kids and boy am I tired! These goat kids were sold before we had a chance to advertise and that is a good thing. In June we had 17 more and they are in demand. A few are reserved for Farm Show babies and some are reserved for …

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What’s New at K and K Livestock in South Fork Pa

278 B640x637

              This Year we tried a new venture at K and K Livestock. We wanted to add some diversity into our herd and decided to go where few have gone before as far as breeding goats goes. Along with the assistance and guidance of our Veterinarian, Dr. Brady Hamady. we began the process of artificial insemination. …

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The Silence of the Goats

Whats For Supper 640x480

You have heard of the “The Silence of the Lambs”?  I experience the Silence of the Goats! This is how it works. If you have every been the provider of any group of hungry creatures, be it cows, dogs, pigs, turkeys, chickens or goats or a bunch of hungry children, the demanding screams can be deafening. Walking into the barn in the morning one would think …

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Would You Like to be a Show Goat?

IMG 0312 640x534

Did you ever have one of those Does or one of anything that was your very favorite and something inside just told you to “Let it Go”! This was my favorite Doe and I am so happy I did let her go. I think she is destined for something really great. I was not planning on selling her for show …

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Neither Rain nor Snow nor Dark of Night…There is no stopping with live animals!

Winter Night 640x479

            There is never a good time to take vacation or leave without adequate coverage or just have a good old fashioned cold when caring for live animals of any kind. Any weather can bring its own challenges. Kidding season is common in our cold Pennsylvania months of January and February. There are many benefits …

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Where did you get those Purple Shirts?

K And K 3

                                            At last year’s Cambria County Fair we had shirts made to promote K and K Livestock. Our Family decided to wear them all on the same day and we really enjoyed the feedback. It was so much fun we brought them back for a return performance this year and decided that if you buy a …

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Friends Don’t Leave Friends Pull Tractors Alone


The 2014 Cambria County Kiddie Tractor Pull was the 2nd annual event of its kind. The folks who helped set it up did an amazing job which made the contestants feel very big. The Kiddie Tractor pulls have developed their own following and are taken very seriously.Thank You, Jason Schrader for taking the time to bring the real life size tractors …

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Babies Babies Babies Never get tired of Boer Babies!

Olivias Baby

  Have anxiety? Need a nerve pill? Forget about it! Get a goat! They are so fun to watch. I never get tired of seeing new babies no matter how many times it happens. I took a young doe to the fair this year. She has a very beefy build and she was with our buck and did not show any …

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Do You Have Champion Boer Goats on Your Landscape?

IMG 0662 166x157

                                         At K and K Livestock in South Fork Pennsylvania we have really great facilities to house our Boer Show Goats. We have improved through the years and yet it is always a work in progress. Improvements to our barn takes precedent over the house and I believe that is the case of anyone who makes their livelihood with animals. …

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Sometimes the Boer Goats are just happy to be home

Im Home

It is nice to bring home the show goats when the fairs are over. They enjoy some relaxing time and are able to hang out! Unlike the market animals the Boer show goats get to come back home and it is also nice to then be able to focus on the maintenance and upkeep. See you next show season!

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