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The Myers family has been raising champions for more than 20 years. During that time and between 3 children, there have been Grand and Reserve Champions in Beef, Veal, Dairy Beef and Boer Goats. Our family has always enjoyed working with the animals and developing them to perfection. These accomplishments were achieved at the annual Cambria County Fair in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. In 2008 after recovering completely from breast cancer and finishing treatment, Diane Myers decided that she wanted a new project. That was when the family discovered Boer Goats. They immediately feel in love with these gentle creatures. The Boer Goat originated in South Africa and was produced and developed for meat production. A special attraction of the breed is their resistance to disease. This does not mean that special care is not necessary. When an animal is away from the natural environment care must be taken to afford them as many natural resources as is available. As the Myers family and others can attest, Boer Goats will thrive in the Pennsylvania weather with minimal effort. Checking the sales and locations of Boer Goat farms in Pennsylvania is proof that the Boer Goat industry is growing and increasing in popularity. Boer Goats are personable and fun. The more time one spends with them the more their personality emerges. If you are ready to add Boer Goats to your farm, as a new herd or merely as a pet, contact K and K Livestock.

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    Wow! Boer Goat Busy is the busiest! In January we had 18 kids and boy am I tired! These goat kids were sold before we had a chance to advertise and that is a good thing. In June we had 17 more and they are in demand. A few are reserved for Farm Show babies and some are reserved for …

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  • What’s New at K and K Livestock in South Fork Pa

                  This Year we tried a new venture at K and K Livestock. We wanted to add some diversity into our herd and decided to go where few have gone before as far as breeding goats goes. Along with the assistance and guidance of our Veterinarian, Dr. Brady Hamady. we began the process of artificial insemination. …

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  • The Silence of the Goats

    You have heard of the “The Silence of the Lambs”?  I experience the Silence of the Goats! This is how it works. If you have every been the provider of any group of hungry creatures, be it cows, dogs, pigs, turkeys, chickens or goats or a bunch of hungry children, the demanding screams can be deafening. Walking into the barn in the morning one would think …

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  • Would You Like to be a Show Goat?

    Did you ever have one of those Does or one of anything that was your very favorite and something inside just told you to “Let it Go”! This was my favorite Doe and I am so happy I did let her go. I think she is destined for something really great. I was not planning on selling her for show …

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  • Neither Rain nor Snow nor Dark of Night…There is no stopping with live animals!

                There is never a good time to take vacation or leave without adequate coverage or just have a good old fashioned cold when caring for live animals of any kind. Any weather can bring its own challenges. Kidding season is common in our cold Pennsylvania months of January and February. There are many benefits …

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